Sevda Durukan

“Are you ready to be amazed”

“A day without creative energy is not a day to aspire”

- Sevda Durukan (founder)

Sevda Durukan


The passion for hair started early for Sevda Durukan. As a teenager she started working in a small, local salon on the weekends. It was the creative aspect of hairdressing that truly got her hooked and drove her to build a career in the hair industry. This drive landed her multiple awards, most recently Hairdresser of the Year 2019, in her home country Belgium as well as a position on the JOICO European Color Design Team. To Sevda hairdressing is all about creating wearable styles with vibrant colors that express the personality of the client.



Sevda loves to follow the developments in the hairstyle industry. She is always making sure that she keeps working on herself. She travels a lot to stay committed to developing her skills and techniques. New York, Rome and Nice. But after all these years her favorite place remains London. According to Sevda London is the Mekka for hairstylists. She likes the fact that they have a clean work aesthetic and are always working from the basics. They are very trend-oriented and this is being put out there in a very subtle way. 

Translate own work


These experiences give Sevda a lot of inspiration that afterwards she able to translates in her own work and share with her employees and students of the Academy.



Years of experience in perfecting the best color techniques, creating the most amazing collections. We are proud to receive recognition for our hard work in the form of awards, 

Years of experience in perfecting the best color techniques, creating the most amazing collections has to be the most rewarding events in my life. The fact that hard work and a lot a labour of love his being recognized in the form of numerous award makes me feel blessed. 

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